Dr David Richardson




Name: Dr David Richardson

University: Sydney University

Degree: Mb. Bs (hons)

Commenced Practice: 1978

Integrative Medicine: 1990

Clinic Address: 32 West Market St, Richmond NSW 2753

Clinic Phone: 02 4578 6442

Clinic Fax: 02 4578 0018

Clinic Email: info@drdgr.com

Favorite Quote: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Dr David Richardson Mb. Bs. (Hons) Dip Nutritional Med


David set up his first GP clinic in Galston with Dr Diana Moes in 1980. After practising as a GP for 10 years he realised many patients were not being well served by this sort of medicine. This included women with menopausal problems or severe PMS, menstrual migraines, men who were beginning to lose their enthusiasm and drive, people with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, thyroid problems and many many people struggling with anxiety, depression or  a driven perfectionistic personality style.

These complex conditions are simply not very well served by the Australian medical system, which let many of these people “fall through the cracks” .

David worked at Asquith from 2001 to 2011 developing a combined GP clinic and Integrative Medicine Centre. I realised I wanted to get away from running a multi doctor practice to concentrate on complex  medical problems that were not generally served well by most doctors.

So my wife Christine and I started a boutique clinic in historic Richmond, 10 minutes from the 140 year  old farmhouse we are gradually restoring, starting with the gardens and grounds.


My other interests include my family, gardening, land management, the environment, building stuff, getting out in the bush, art, politics, ethics and I am an International Cat Judge. I love the Doors whom I discovered in 1967 and still sound good ( to me if not my kids) in 2012!